Meeting Kuting Magiting

Books are lovely lovely things. And because Mama reads a lot, Miffy has decided that she needs them in her life, too. Thankfully, she has graduated from eating books to actually flipping through them. Kuting Magiting

Kuting Magiting’s adventures. It’s obvious they’re well-loved.

Among her current favorites is Robert Magnuson’s Kuting Magiting board book series. Kuting Magiting chronicles the life of an active and brave little kitten, Kuting Magiting, and his guardian, Good Morning Dog. Like most toddlers, Kuting Magiting is a bundle of energy and laughs. The situations he gets into aren’t any different from what Miffy puts me through on a daily basis. Relate much?

Kuting Magiting

Miffy reads her favorite spread from Go to Sleep, Kuting!

Even as a grown up, I enjoy Kuting Magiting’s colorful and wonderfully detailed art, and engaging storylines. Miffy, I assume, likes the pretty pictures because she enjoys looking and pointing at them. One of her favorite pages is a spread that features a bouncy Kuting, right before being subjected to a tickle attack by Good Morning Dog. (Although I have a suspicion it also has to do with us giving her a tickle attack as well, whenever we reach that spread during story time.)

Kuting Magiting

Moar of Kuting Magiting, please!

Kuting Magiting is a really nice series to get your little readers started with their love affair with books. My only complaint is that there are only two board books right now! Moar of that adorable little kitten, please! We love Kuting Magiting and await more adventures.

Kuting Magiting

Miffy’s first signed book! Thank you, Tita Ida!
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